As a keynote speaker and executive leadership coach I have been asked repeatedly by my clients what is thought leadership? The term thought leadership has been bantered around since the early 1990s when Patrick Reilly, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal used it in the marketing section.

A thought leader is someone who makes a study of their particular field and continues to study it for a lifetime as they positively influence others. Their goal is to share their brain, all the knowledge that they possess to provide solutions for the masses.

Because of this it only makes sense…

There are many challenges that come with working across cultural lines. You may be worried about what you’re saying is getting “lost in translation.” You may also be concerned over inadvertently stumbling over social etiquette, of saying or doing something that’s perfectly normal in your culture but may be frowned upon elsewhere.

But let me tell you the biggest problem that I see with leaders working across cultural lines: They talk too much. …

Never underestimate the difficulty that meeting planners face. Their job is to arrange seminars and conferences that are engaging, but also informative; entertaining, but also full of real-world value. What’s more, they need to find speakers who can command attention and provide utility across the board — not just to one person, but to a wide and diverse audience.

That’s easier said than done, and it’s no wonder that meeting planners put a lot of time and work into scouting out speakers. If you’re in that position, let me offer a few recommendations — important qualities to look for in…

A team that is healthy — physically as well as mentally — is going to perform better, bring more creativity to the table, take fewer sick days, and gel together as a unit much better than they would otherwise. Team leaders across the country know this, and have for years — yet many teams still lack a viable focus on workplace wellness.

Why is this?

Here’s my basic answer: Workplace wellness is not nearly as simple as it seems at first blush. You might think that you could simply tell your team members about all the benefits that physical fitness…

Can your company survive an acquisition?

Your company’s culture is the set of attitudes and values that binds your team and pushes you forward; there is nothing more important in defining who you are as a company, and what your company ultimately stands for. That’s why, when you merge your company with another, it’s so important to think about what that culture is and how it can be preserved, even as it blends with another.

Sadly, this is one component of mergers and acquisitions that often gets overlooked. I’ve seen it a million times. Executives, accountants, and attorneys are all…

As a leadership expert and keynote speaker, I spend a lot of time talking about mission. In the end, that’s the only way to really define leadership, or to measure your results. You’ve got to have some sense of purpose some vision you share with your team in order to lead effectively.

It’s not enough to simply have a mission, though. That mission must saturate everything you do. All aspects of your company must ultimately reflect that central vision — that greater sense of mission.

That includes your marketing.

Ultimately, your marketing should convey what your company stands for. It…

As an executive leadership consultant, I have an important question for you: Do you actively court feedback? Are you constantly seeking insight into how you’re doing your job, and suggestions for how you could do it even better?

To put it even more pointedly: If one of your team members approached you with a constructive performance review, how would you take it?

Would you get defensive? Would you get angry? Or would you welcome it for what it was: An invaluable opportunity to become sharper, stronger, and more effective as a leader?

See, we all like to receive praise and…

I love executive coaching. I love getting to meet ambitious leaders, hear about their dreams and their goals, and help them craft the best battle plan for achieving even their loftiest visions. What’s more, I really believe in executive coaching; I have seen it yield real benefits for countless clients. Indeed, many of the benefits of executive coaching are pretty well-documented, but there are some that may surprise you. That’s what I want to talk about today.

Benefits of Executive Coaching


When you work with an executive coach, you probably expect to develop a better sense of your own strengths and weaknesses. That much…

As a leadership coach, I’ve encountered a lot of business owners and managers who dive into culture-building head-first. I always admire their gusto, but sometimes I must caution them to pull back. That’s because it’s all too common for leaders to confuse perks with culture — and while both have their place, the one is not a substitute for the latter.

Where Perks Come Up Short

Let me give you some examples. Say you want to build a culture that attracts new employees — top talents from within your field. So you set up a break room with a nice eating area and a Ping-Pong…

Is your goal to build a solutions oriented team? Is your team already solutions oriented?

This is a question that CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders should be asking themselves in this new global business environment.

As a result, the high achieving companies and organizations that adapt and change will thrive in this new environment will be solutions oriented and innovative.

The question you’re probably asking yourself is how can I tell if my team members are solutions oriented? Let me explain why this is important.

Based on my experience working with world class teams, I have identified specific characteristics that solutions-oriented…

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