Diagnosing Your Company Culture

Dr Rick Goodman
2 min readNov 24, 2020


If you had to describe your company culture in a single word, what word would you choose?

And don’t cheat by saying just good or bad. Think more descriptively. How would you diagnose the fundamental character of your team, your office environment, your company’s values?

Knowing what kind of company culture you have can be invaluable as you try to determine what works and what doesn’t for your team, and how well your organizational values align with your corporate mission. It helps you know where your strengths are and where you might make improvements.

No two company cultures are ever quite the same, of course, but there are some general words and concepts that are useful in diagnosing cultural basics. Which of these words, if any, reflects your workplace culture?

  • Collaborative. Is your office environment one in which team members band together in open dialogue? Is there an attitude of shared ownership and a passion for problem-solving? Or are your team members isolated and insular, working privately and not together?
  • Creative. Would you characterize your workspace as one in which innovation is valued and fostered? Do your team members feel comfortable bringing up new ideas or experimenting with the way things are done — or do they all adhere to tradition, to “the way we’ve always done things”?
  • Controlled. Do you have an extremely formal, rules-based workplace — one in which people feel like they have to do things in a certain way or else face dire consequences? Does your workplace emphasize dependability and hierarchical authority?
  • Competitive. Are your team members working to outdo one another, to bring in the best results on the company’s behalf? Is there a “survival of the fittest” mentality in your workplace culture? Is your organization unified by a zeal for winning, however you may define that term?

There are many different kinds of company cultures out there — but what’s the cultural style that best epitomizes your business? Are you comfortable with the diagnosis — or is it time to initiate cultural change? Learn more by reaching out to Dr. Rick Goodman today!



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