How Transformational Leaders Deliver Employee Feedback

Dr Rick Goodman
4 min readJul 25, 2022


Do you want to know how transformational leaders deliver employee feedback? You should because it leads to an increase in workplace engagement and creates happy work environment.

Here’s a simple truth about human nature: We all like to be praised when we do something well. Very few of us enjoy being criticized when we do something poorly.

But both kinds of feedback can ultimately be valuable: We need the affirmation just as surely as we need the correction.

And, as a leader, part of your job is delivering feedback as needed. That means offering both kinds of feedback to your employees — and frankly, it can sometimes be hard to know what to say and how to say it.

Is Employee Feedback Important?

For most of us, receiving feedback isn’t especially pleasant. We like to be praised when we do something right but loathe to be called out when we do something wrong. Sadly, a lot of workplace feedback plays into this dichotomy in the worst way possible: Many team leaders view feedback simply as a way to illuminate shortcomings, and their team members are understandably annoyed by it.

In fact, some organizations have actually eliminated formal feedback processes altogether, viewing it as largely a waste of time and effort. I’m here to tell you that giving and receiving feedback is anything but a waste; it can actually be essential to a maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

With that said, maybe the specific feedback structures we employ could stand to be improved and enhanced. Let me offer you a paradigm shift that may prove valuable.

New Ways to Think About Workplace Feedback

First, your intent matters. It’s important for leaders to understand their own motivation in providing feedback. Are they looking to make their employee feel bad? Are they trying to “fix” a defective team member? These are frankly bad reasons to…



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