The Power of Emotional Intelligence

Dr Rick Goodman
2 min readFeb 6, 2024


The Power of Emotional Intelligence: Your “X-Factor” to Leadership Greatness

While “leadership” often conjures images of decisive figures barking orders, true success lies in understanding and connecting with people. This is where emotional intelligence (EQ) emerges as the unsung hero. A superpower that propels leaders beyond technical skills and into the realm of true impact.

But why is EQ so crucial? Let’s explore its power, delve into often-overlooked aspects. This will solidify its position as your key to unlocking leadership greatness.

The Stats Speak Volumes:

  • 71% of employers prioritize EQ over technical skills when hiring leaders (HBS Online).
  • Teams with emotionally intelligent leaders report 17% higher productivity and 20% higher sales (TalentSmart).
  • Companies with high EQ leadership experience 41% lower employee turnover (Gallup).

Beyond the Basics: Unveiling the Hidden Gems of EQ

While recognizing emotions is important, true mastery lies in:

  • Emotional Agility: Adapting your emotions and behaviors to different situations (Harvard Business Review). Think of a leader who…



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