Why Employee Engagement Is Important in Our New World

Dr Rick Goodman
16 min readNov 29, 2021


Employee engagement is important in our new world if you want to survive and thrive in the age of “The Great Resignation

Here is the fact… Employee Engagement Starts with Your Leadership!

Employee engagement doesn’t start with your employees. It starts with you, the leader. With the example you set, the culture you build, the commitment you make to inspiring your team members.

I talk with leaders all the time about the efforts they can make. Practical, real-world steps to boost engagement. Let’s look at what works and what doesn’t when it comes to implementing an employee engagement program.

How Leaders Can Boost Employee Engagement

Align the Workforce

The members of your team need to be working toward the same thing, headed in the same direction — but how can they do this if they don’t have any sense of where the company is headed, or what you’re all trying to achieve? As the leader, it falls to you to articulate a clear sense of mission — and to make plain how every project, every task, and every employee contributes to that mission.

Empower Your Managers

Those who are in direct managerial roles — interacting with employees daily — are the ones you need to invest in first. Develop their skills of engagement and empowerment. Provide them with direction in how they can listen, set clear expectations, and deliver feedback that is truly constructive. Make sure the managers are all on the same page about employee engagement.

Emphasize Fairness

You can’t afford to have employees disenfranchised because they think you’re playing favorites. In everything you do — from resource allocation to how you make sales — make sure you’re applying principles of fairness.

Create Leaders

Don’t settle for employees who do an efficient job every day. Invest in promising talents and encourage them in leadership development. Help them develop the skills of engaging and motivating other employees and provide opportunities for them to prove themselves.




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